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Here are some of the services I can provide for you.


  • ‘documentary style’ wedding photography
  • events and conferences
  • products and corporate images
  • places, nature and wildlife

I prefer a naturalistic approach to photography at weddings and other events. I don’t go for those tedious tableaux of every possible combination of your guests. Nor do I exploit my clients by charging per picture… my fee covers only staff time, expenses and any optional extras you choose.


  • advert design
  • copy writing
  • website development
  • web content management
  • blog authoring
  • PR campaigns
  • environmental education

I am familiar with making complex topics appeal to a mass audience. My skills are strengthened from a background in environmental education, science and ethical campaigns.

I have project-managed the creative design of adverts, websites, magazines, posters, brochures, interpetation boards, animated walks, and country trails. I’ve written for PR, winning award applications, news articles, commercial websites and blogs.

Jason Ball
07719 225965 ~


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