Digital Stock Photo List

Here is a list of digital images filed for sale at Photographers Direct. All of my pictures are available as digital files, direct from me. Email: jasonball (at)

A pair of organic pork ribs on the barbecue (close up) pd1891979
A Sheep on the North Wessex Downs AONB pd1891834
A Snoozing Barn Owl pd1892013
A Sunset with Flare pd1892210
Autumn Crocus with Autumn Leaves pd1891959
Bacon up close and tasty pd1891961
Barn Owl portrait in the daytime they often sleep… pd1892106
Beef Forerib meat joint freshly butchered and prepared pd1914685
Beef Minute Steaks on the Barbecue pd1891960
Beef Minute Steaks with Summer Salad pd1891879
Beef Topside Roasted pd1891878
Beef Topside with Garlic and Rosemary pd1891877
Breakfast Bangers picture 1 pd1892009
Breakfast Bangers picture 2 pd1892010
Burger on the Grill pd1891962
City Life in the Fast Lane London at Night pd2145428
Combine harvester at work pd1914696
Combine harvester delivering cereal grain harvest … pd1914705
Combine harvester pouring grain into trailer … pd1914706
Comma Butterfly on Blackberries pd1892207
Common Toad female on land pd1892113
Cooking Beef Minute Steaks on the Barbecue pd1891880
Duke of Burgundy pd1923875
Duke of Burgundy butterfly perched on dogwood (I) pd1923873
Duke of Burgundy butterfly perched on dogwood (II) pd1923874
Ear of a Turkey pd1892147
Evening farm work collecting the cereal harvest pd1914698
Farm tractor and trailer taking the cereal grain… pd1914699
Female toad walking as the sunshine glistens on her skin … pd1892111
Field Scabious with golden longhorn moth portrait pd1892107
Fireworks Triplerocket dark image bonfire night pd2145418
Free range organic turkeys at farm pd1892150
Full Moon at Westminster 16 pd2145419
Full Moon at Westminster 19 London city at night pd2145420
Full Moon at Westminster 20 pd2145421
Great Black Backed Gull calling pd1892130
Great Grey Owl in Seeking Prey in Grass pd1892131
Herring Gull pd1892132
Honeybee drinking at pond edge pd1892206
London Gherkin Sandwich pd1923883
London Taxi and the Bus to Hampstead Heath pd2145422
Long eared Owl Face ( closeup ) pd1892133
Magnolia flower portrait pd1914687
Magnolia in flower pd1914688
Magnolia tree flowering in the spring at Isabella … pd1914686
Meadow Brown in Grassland Habitat pd1892108
Norfolk Black Turkey pd1892149
Oaks in the landscape above Ullswater in distance pd2087693
Organic Beef Topside for Roasting Boned and Rolled pd1891876
Organic Free Range Turkeys with Rural Landscape pd1892148
Organic Honey Glazed Smoked Gammon pd1892024
Organic Lamb Chump Chops on the BBQ pd1891975
Organic Lamb Chump Chops on the Grill … pd1891976
Painted Lady butterfly drinking nectar from lavender pd1892208
Peacock Butterfly on Gravel pd1892209
Pink foxgloves in the garden with a bumblebee… pd1892012
Queens Guard band marching in London pd1923881
Red Romantic Poppy with Raindrops (I) bright pd1892022
Red Romantic Poppy with Raindrops (II) atmospheric pd1892021
Sausages for a Cooked English Breakfast pd1892011
Sheep at Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Lambourn Downs pd1891833
Silver Lady living sculpture performance artist in london… pd1923882
Sizzling Hot Kebab on the Barbecue pd1891977
Skylark Chicks Camouflaged in Nest pd1892109
Student tourists under umbrellas in London pd1923884
Summer Alfresco Food pd1892023
Teeth of a Combine Harvester pd1914707
The Battlefield of British Architecture pd1923885
the big ben clock tower on the palace of westminster pd1923877
The business end of a combine harvester cutting a cereal … pd1914697
The London Eye on the Thames pd1923879
The London Gherkin in contrast with Tower of London pd1923876
Toad migrating pd1892112
Toads are active mainly at night pd1892110
Tower Bridge in London pd1923886
Turkeys calling gobbling pd1892134
Ugly Duckling pd1892146
Westminster at Night 11 dynamic timelapse streaming pd2145431
Westminster at Night 29 pd2145432
Westminster at Night 4 pd2145429
Westminster at Night 5 pd2145430
Wheat crop standing tall pd1914695

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