Simple Quicktime panoramas

13 12 2010

Canon makes it simple with the stitch special function on their compact cameras – plus their Photostitch software. When you’ve stitched your photos together you ‘save as’ a QT file. THAT’S IT.

When you think about it, actually these interactive 180°or 360° panoramic images are a form of animation.

Here’s a basic panorama I did… (web embedded)


Examples of Clients

5 03 2010

I have delivered a wide range of services, all to budget, on time, for satisfied clients. Please contact me for a quote – and let’s discuss your next project!

Jason Ball at Poppyfield Gallery

Secret exhibition

9 12 2008

I’ve been rebuilding my original web gallery, but I don’t have much spare time and I’m not a webhead, so this has taken me a long time! Finally I’m getting there.
To celebrate, I’ve opened a secret exhibition of poppy pictures. You have to explore my Poppyfield Gallery website to find it..! The exhibition features some artistic digital image work as well as straightforward photographs. You’ll find a variety of other pictures at the main Poppyfield Gallery, too, like…

I know the website design is basic, and definitely not perfect. All hints welcome! Last week I spoke with somebody who reckons Dreamweaver is too advanced, and said I should have kept it simple and learned about Joomla.

Zenfolio gallery discount

29 11 2008

I have posted over 100 pictures on Zenfolio now. Their easy-to-use gallery system is pretty cool. They provide sales opportunities and can automatically ‘watermark’ your images to help you protect them from being pinched. My gallery is at

Get a discount with this code: JXC-YXA-WNZ when you sign up to Zenfolio. They offer a Free Trial account for 2 weeks so you can see if you like it. Take a look!

GM Conference pictures

15 11 2008

Here is a sample of thumbnail images from the conference held earlier this week (12 Nov) about the claims and counter-claims about GM crops being what the human race needs to feed the world.

Now the conference is done, I have updated the event’s home page – – and the organisers want to post podcasts or sound files. Which means I’ve got some learning to do! Pictures are now available as royalty-free stock images on the Press Resources page at the conference blog.










© Jason Ball

Not bad for a beginner

7 10 2008

OK, I can manage website design, working with professional web designers, and doing a blog on WordPress is quite straightforward. But I’m not a HTML expert, just a novice when it comes to actually creating the website all by myself. Nevertheless, I’m quite pleased with the simple home page that I’ve made for the GM Feeding the World Conference.

Wheat header

29 09 2008

Often I take pictures for the sake of the photography itself, and things I’m simply interested in or impressed by… maybe I take too many! Here’s an example of planning a shot for possible uses, and then making a picture work for me. This is something of an ordinary photograph, turned into a crisp, memorable image.

Out in the field, in choosing and framing the picture I thought of capturing a subject that might be useful, and something characteristic of the crop. The wheat is against the sky, as I allowed for being able to alter the image digitally to this ‘abstract’ cropped image shown, or to silhouette shapes. The effects I’ve used are a mix of RGB colour curve adjustment, contrast and sharpening. That brought out the wheat and reduced the sky detail. Then I tidied up remaining cloud fragments. Now it almost looks like a studio shot!

Later I turned it into a web page header by adding text. See the finished image at the GM blog that I’ve created.

© copyright 2008 Jason P Ball