Christmas Hampers

12 11 2009

My scrumptious picture of an organic turkey, gammon, bacon and sausages once again features on the Sheepdrove Shop website, where their Christmas Hamper takes pride of place among the seasonal goods.

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Free money for farmers and…

29 05 2009

Berkshire Young Farmers Show
Sunday 31 May
9am – 5pm
Newbury Showground

This weekend I’m at the Berkshire Young Farmers Show, trying to interest people in money! To grab people’s attention, I designed and printed this roll-up banner, which stands over 2 metres tall.

I’m on the Local Action Group for the North Wessex Downs LEADER FUND. A few farmers and I are in a sub-group to promote this new source of grants to people who work in the Land Management sector.

Plus, next Tuesday evening (2nd June) there is an official launch of the LEADER funding at Hungerford Town Hall, with 170 guests booked to attend. Then we await hundreds of applications for money – we hope!

A classical family butcher

11 03 2009
Yesterday I made a short film as an advert for a well known butcher’s in London.  No speech, just a soundtrack of piano, composed by Bach. My film concept was straightforward, so despite having only one morning to shoot the footage last week, I had sufficient variety and scope to put something together that works.

Or does it? What do you think? Give me a reality check!

Even after the Windows Movie Maker process, which forced the framed dimensions of the movie out of its native size, the film looked very clear and crisp on my computer screen. At first, this embedded video looks badly pixelated, but when it starts, click the HQ = High Quality playback.

Sheepdrove Organic Farm has stores in London and Bristol. At the Maida Vale store, the butchers Gary, Richard and Ricardo were happy to let me invade their space for a few hours. As they served customers with a smile, I got on with shooting in the background most of the time, and filmed a few specific activities, such as sausage making, and the shop’s latest message about Organic on  Budget.

The customers were cheerful and most had a well-established relationship with the butchers. You can’t beat the banter of these London butchers! People didn’t seem to mind me filming at all – some assumed that I was press and they weren’t surprised that their favourite family butcher was receiving this sort of attention. The shop is colourful, attractive and quite unique, with quotations and huge photos on the walls.

Seasonal cooking images

6 12 2008

Seasonal cooking is all the rage, and not just because it’s eco-friendly. The flavours are as good as you get. Tomatoes, apples, salad leaf – plucked fresh is the best way to get them. Seasonal photography for food marketing might have to focus on your particular product – but it’s a good idea to associate the foods that go with it that season – whether it’s summertime or Christmas.

A Plump Christmas Gammon

A Plump Christmas Gammon

Go Georgina!

15 11 2008

Georgina Downs on the campaign trail - picture by Jason Ball

Environmental campaigner Georgina Downs won an amazing legal victory yesterday to great acclaim. Mr Justice Collins, the High Court judge ruled that Ms Downs had produced “solid evidence” that residents had suffered harm. He said the government had failed to comply with a European directive to protect rural residents.

Throughout her 7 year campaign ( Ms. Downs has continued to present considerable evidence to the Government, its regulators, (the Pesticides Safety Directorate) and main advisors, (the Advisory Committee on Pesticides) regarding the lack of any protection for residents from pesticides.

Georgina’s relentless work exposed the Government’s “inherent fundamental failure” to protect rural residents and communities from exposure to toxic pesticides sprayed near homes, schools, children playgrounds and other premises.


The High Court Judgment from Mr. Justice Collins is very clear in that the Government has been acting unlawfully in its policy and approach in relation to the use of pesticides in crop spraying, and that public health, in particular rural residents and communities exposed to pesticides from living in the locality to regularly sprayed fields, is not being protected (and this applies to both acute effects and chronic long term adverse health effects).

The Judgment states, “The alleged inadequacies of the model and the approach to authorisation and conditions of use have been scientifically justified. The claimant has produced cogent arguments and evidence to indicate that the approach does not adequately protect residents and so is in breach of the Directive.”

It also states, “It is important to bear in mind that operators and workers are not the only individuals who are exposed to pesticides and, while their protection is of course most important, they can benefit from the use of protective clothing and other measures not available to residents. Some individuals may be particularly vulnerable (for example, the asthmatic, the elderly, children, pregnant women), but they must be protected too.”


Georgina Downs, speaking outside the High Court said, “I am obviously very pleased with today’s result, and have been fully vindicated, as this case was based on a set of core arguments that I identified and have been presenting to the Government over the last 7 years.”

“The fact that there has never been any assessment of the risks to health for the long-term exposure for those who live, work or go to school near pesticide sprayed fields is an absolute scandal considering that crop-spraying has been a predominant feature of agriculture for over 50 years. Under EU and UK law the absence of any risk assessment means that pesticides should never have been approved for use in the first place for spraying near homes, schools, children’s playgrounds and other public areas.”

GM conference photoshoot

10 11 2008

conference image

I’ll be packing my cameras and joining the conference on GM crops and food security which takes place in Westminster on Wednesday 12th November at the QEII Conference Centre.

About the conference
The wide-ranging programme of international speakers is now set. This is your last chance to buy tickets – only £65 including lunch. (Can this really be London? Places are supported by the project partners, hence the low price.) Call now to book your place – 01488 658279

Feeding The World…
Are GM Crops fit for Purpose? If not, then what?

12 November 2008
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
“This conference will examine, searchingly and honestly, the claims and counter claims of one of the most critical issues of our time.”

Freelance me
I am covering the whole event and will be able to get a comprehensive range of pictures including behind-the-scenes reportage. If you would like to freelance me to ensure that you get exclusive photography and news copy, please get in touch.

Free-to-use stock images
Freebies are available now at the Feeding the World Conference press resources page. If you’re reporting this event in the news (and only this event!) then please feel welcome to use these images in your article – on the condition that the picture is clearly credited. Let me know if you use my photos – I’ll add a link to your website.

Anybody who does not comply with the conditions will be asked to make a donation to the Sheepdrove Trust, at the going rates used by The Guardian for stock imagery fees. Can’t say fairer than that!

Please contact me if you’d like to use a picture of mine for another reason. I’m likely to ask for the same fee rates as linked above. Or you might like to negotiate a user licence (EULA).


©2008 Jason Ball


6 11 2008

Breakfast Bangers - copyright 2008 Jason Ball

Delicious sizzling sausages – just look at this great fryup!

My photo features on the homepage of Sheepdrove Organic Farm as they celebrate British Sausage Week (3rd – 9th Nov2008). Their special offer is rather irresistable.  Sheepdrove has a Buy-1-Get-1-Free deal for Organic Traditional Pork Sausages and their Organic Chicken, Honey and Herb Sausages. This week only. So buy now