Micro-exhibit: organic butchers

5 08 2010

A few of my pictures now decorate Sheepdrove Organic Farm Family Butchers:
5 Clifton Road, Maida Vale, London. W9 1SZ.
3 Lower Redland Road, Bristol. BS6 6TB.


Welcome to WordPress!

13 06 2010

To sarahsorganicpoultry.co.uk
Congratulations on posting your first wordpress articles.

Baby turkey

9 06 2010

One of the pictures I’ve taken for Sarah’s Organic Poultry.

LEADER advert design

1 05 2010

LEADER Programmes for 4 areas recently collaborated on publicity, and commissioned me to design a bespoke advert for their local food directory… now published in the Local Flavours 2010 guide for Berks Bucks and Oxfordshire.

The styling fits seamlessly into the food directory, yet it stands out a mile. Book me to produce your next digital publishing job, for a crisp, eyecatching advert design like this…

Jason Ball
Poppyfield Gallery

advert design - click to enlarge

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Examples of Clients

5 03 2010

I have delivered a wide range of services, all to budget, on time, for satisfied clients. Please contact me for a quote – and let’s discuss your next project!

Jason Ball at Poppyfield Gallery

A new LEADER blog

26 08 2009

200-jasonball headcropLast week I created a new blog for the LEADER Fund in the North Wessex Downs AONB. Essentially this becomes the website for the Local Action Group – the people who manage the fund.

Since it’s important for the group to be able to self-manage the website, and update it frequently, I made the blog at WordPress. The content management system is simple. Plus, even with the free basic service provided by WordPress, the blog design system allows for improvements to ‘brand identity’ as that develops. For a small fee the design possibilities can be  expanded hugely.

I also secured the domain name www.northwessexleader.org.uk and forwarded the URL to the blog. This will be helpful for 3 reasons:

  • a simple web address is easier to remember
  • it adds a lot of potential to develop their website
  • the group can develop a 2-tier web presence in future

A sense of arrival

A straightforward blog facility can achieve much more than just raised awareness amongst their target market, the local community. This web presence will also boost the new organisation’s sense of progress and identity (earlier I mentioned branding, a good next step to examine) and it highlights the need to make a dedicated effort in marketing their campaign.

Even when you are ‘selling’ money, people need to know about it, recognise rapidly if it is relevant to them (or a friend!), and understand how to get it.

Discover the latest LEADER Money News…

Free money for farmers and…

29 05 2009

Berkshire Young Farmers Show
Sunday 31 May
9am – 5pm
Newbury Showground

This weekend I’m at the Berkshire Young Farmers Show, trying to interest people in money! To grab people’s attention, I designed and printed this roll-up banner, which stands over 2 metres tall.

I’m on the Local Action Group for the North Wessex Downs LEADER FUND. A few farmers and I are in a sub-group to promote this new source of grants to people who work in the Land Management sector.

Plus, next Tuesday evening (2nd June) there is an official launch of the LEADER funding at Hungerford Town Hall, with 170 guests booked to attend. Then we await hundreds of applications for money – we hope!