snow steel sheep

22 12 2010


Sparkle brushed

11 12 2009

Brush and Mug in hand

10 09 2009

PHILIP SUREY is a letter cutter and sign writer – essentially an artist who herds and wrestles words and numbers. Some of Phil’s work is three-dimensional calligraphy. Brush in one hand, mug of tea in the other, I photographed him today at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre, where he’s developed a bespoke lettering style especially for the job.

600-philipsurey_ mug+brush1

600-philip_surey signwriter_4

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Photography by Jason Ball

Metal animals sculpture II

12 02 2009

More pictures – the sculpture is progressing well. The construction was a difficult task, and the teamwork between the artist, welder and farm staff has been crucial. Patrick and Al could not have coped without the experienced skills of Andrew Dancey, working the telescopic handler and providing an extra brilliant problem-solving mind. 

Snow still on the ground had partly thawed over successive days, but refroze last night and provided a hazardous floor for the work. The below-zero temperatures persisted most of the morning.







Mouse and snail

10 02 2009


Just a snippet/preview of the sculpture being constructed at Sheepdrove by artist Patrick Bateman. I operated a tractor to help Patrick and Al to lift and line up 2 very heavy steel cows, ready for welding. Cut my thumb whilst we handled the metal, but don’t recall when – it must have been too much fun (or too cold) to be playing with big chunks of steel.


More images to come…

Dynamic London

21 11 2008

© Jason Ball

Now is this a great marketing image for London, or what?
Not sure?

This long exposure was captured with the camera on a tripod (of course) the aperture narrowed down and the shutter open for 15 seconds. These whizz-by effects are fantastic, and doesn’t the Palace of Westminster look cool?

It would have been interesting to do a few very long exposures of fireworks the other night, (earlier article) but I gained clarity with a faster shutter speed. Visit my zenfolio gallery and you’ll see what I mean. The faster shutter speeds (1or 2 seconds) are perhaps better photographs… although I think it depends what you like!

This image and more like it on my Zenfolio gallery.