LEADER advert design

1 05 2010

LEADER Programmes for 4 areas recently collaborated on publicity, and commissioned me to design a bespoke advert for their local food directory… now published in the Local Flavours 2010 guide for Berks Bucks and Oxfordshire.

The styling fits seamlessly into the food directory, yet it stands out a mile. Book me to produce your next digital publishing job, for a crisp, eyecatching advert design like this…

Jason Ball
Poppyfield Gallery

advert design - click to enlarge

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Ullswater landscape photo for sale

25 06 2009

View to Ullswater from Aira Force

The fabulous view reaches to Ullswater and the rocky hills that surround the lake. In the foreground, oak trees stand majestically on the lush Cumbrian pasture.

A summer haze provides ‘layers’ to the composition of this landscape photograph. Many people say that Ullswater is their favourite of all the lakes of the Lake District. I took this picture from the path to the famous Aira Force waterfall.

Find this picture for sale on ebay…

My photography
Nature is my main inspiration, and my work ranges from landscape such as this, to close-up pictures of the natural world, or artistic interpretations. Poppies are a favourite of mine, hence the name of my online gallery. Please take a moment to look through some more of my photography at poppyfield-gallery.com

Most of my buyers are fellow nature lovers. Some of my photographs have been published, e.g. in BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC Countryfile Magazine, Birdwatching Magazine, and I have written a few articles for BBC Berkshire.

A few words on quality
I shoot Canon cameras. I use a Canon FINE printer system and I only use professional paper! My equipment is powered by Ecotricity.

Hand Framed
A real wood frame, with a ‘distressed oak’ effect. Glass front. The black card mount brings out the colours of the picture. I used frame tape on the back to keep out dust. (If you request D-loops and picture wire I can add these free-of-charge. Email me after you win the item.)

Measurements (approx):
The whole frame:
INCHES = fourteen and three-quarters, by eleven and a quarter
CENTIMETRES = 37.5 x 29

The picture as mounted (aperture):
INCHES = eight and five-eigths, by five and one-eigth.

For peace of mind I will use Royal Mail Special Delivery. This includes insurance and is a tracked and ‘signed for’ service. There may be a short delay before I can package and post the item – I’m away for the weekend. However, the delivery time is then next working day.

LINK : Buy it now on ebay…
Thank you for looking!

Jason Ball at poppyfield-gallery.com

Secret exhibition

9 12 2008

I’ve been rebuilding my original web gallery, but I don’t have much spare time and I’m not a webhead, so this has taken me a long time! Finally I’m getting there.
To celebrate, I’ve opened a secret exhibition of poppy pictures. You have to explore my Poppyfield Gallery website to find it..! The exhibition features some artistic digital image work as well as straightforward photographs. You’ll find a variety of other pictures at the main Poppyfield Gallery, too, like…

I know the website design is basic, and definitely not perfect. All hints welcome! Last week I spoke with somebody who reckons Dreamweaver is too advanced, and said I should have kept it simple and learned about Joomla.

Dynamic London

21 11 2008

© Jason Ball

Now is this a great marketing image for London, or what?
Not sure?

This long exposure was captured with the camera on a tripod (of course) the aperture narrowed down and the shutter open for 15 seconds. These whizz-by effects are fantastic, and doesn’t the Palace of Westminster look cool?

It would have been interesting to do a few very long exposures of fireworks the other night, (earlier article) but I gained clarity with a faster shutter speed. Visit my zenfolio gallery and you’ll see what I mean. The faster shutter speeds (1or 2 seconds) are perhaps better photographs… although I think it depends what you like!

This image and more like it on my Zenfolio gallery.

Purple Poppy

20 11 2008

©2008 Jason Ball

Perfect for a greetings card – one of the photographs at my new Zenfolio site, in a section called Poppyfield Gallery. An excellent lens, the professional Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM, enabled me to get a strong bokeh.

What is bokeh? Sounds Japanese, I thought, and yes, apparently it is the Japanese word for ‘blur’, says the Silverbased blog. I agree with the writer, it’s important not to think of this word as applicable to all blurring! Ronnie Henry gives us a concise definition.

A photographer can utilise Depth of Field creatively to reduce the prominence of background detail and emphasise the foreground parts of the picture. As you can see, I’ve ‘isolated’ this purple poppy within the image. (The flower stands out, and you don’t see what else is in the garden.) Bokeh, I would say, refers to what you have done with the off-focus background. Strong bokeh creates a pleasant effect, like a soft haze.

Bokeh is a stationary blur which is valuable, in a technical sense, to the photographer. It’s usually deliberate rather than accidental, e.g. due to movement or a failure to focus. I’m not saying accidental blur has no place! Sometimes accidents in photography give amazing results that otherwise you’d never see.

Pull the aperture wide open and you’re more likely to get a strong bokeh. So a lens with a big aperture – such as f1.4 or f2.8 – is what you want if you’re after this kind of result.

pop orchid
bit daisy
shackford softness

Jason Ball

Not bad for a beginner

7 10 2008

OK, I can manage website design, working with professional web designers, and doing a blog on WordPress is quite straightforward. But I’m not a HTML expert, just a novice when it comes to actually creating the website all by myself. Nevertheless, I’m quite pleased with the simple home page that I’ve made for the GM Feeding the World Conference.

Wheat header

29 09 2008

Often I take pictures for the sake of the photography itself, and things I’m simply interested in or impressed by… maybe I take too many! Here’s an example of planning a shot for possible uses, and then making a picture work for me. This is something of an ordinary photograph, turned into a crisp, memorable image.

Out in the field, in choosing and framing the picture I thought of capturing a subject that might be useful, and something characteristic of the crop. The wheat is against the sky, as I allowed for being able to alter the image digitally to this ‘abstract’ cropped image shown, or to silhouette shapes. The effects I’ve used are a mix of RGB colour curve adjustment, contrast and sharpening. That brought out the wheat and reduced the sky detail. Then I tidied up remaining cloud fragments. Now it almost looks like a studio shot!

Later I turned it into a web page header by adding text. See the finished image at the GM blog that I’ve created.

© copyright 2008 Jason P Ball