Simple Quicktime panoramas

13 12 2010

Canon makes it simple with the stitch special function on their compact cameras – plus their Photostitch software. When you’ve stitched your photos together you ‘save as’ a QT file. THAT’S IT.

When you think about it, actually these interactive 180°or 360° panoramic images are a form of animation.

Here’s a basic panorama I did… (web embedded)


Story of Cosmetics – launches today!

21 07 2010

Look out for this new site, being launched today.


This is a project by ‘The Story of Stuff’ which is doing a great job of raising awareness about the disaster capitalism we’re all wrapped up in, and why all of our STUFF might not be as great as we think it is.

Now they are tackling the toxic cosmetics found in every home and handbag. What frightening chemicals will you use today?

All the water and air on Earth

27 10 2009

I’ve created a web page and edited a short video for Peter Kindersley, an environmental campaigner, to highlight how limited the planet’s air and water resources are, in a simple and memorable way. Peter commissioned a computer animation wizard to create two brilliant clips.

These images will stay with you for life.

Peter is keen for everyone to get the message. Versions are available for iPhones and other media players. So grab yourself a FREE copy of these mini-movies and pass them on!

Bally bonkers

15 08 2009

I don’t know what BALLY is, but they want it out at the Break Open the Bally website! Yes, it’s another guerilla-tactic marketing scheme by Halpern Cowan, who will do digitally anything to get under your skin.

The Halpern Cowan website is funny and it’s clever. Animations keep you watching… it’s excellent stuff. Not sure what the CIPD would say about the conveyor belt… (click on ‘who we are’)

For fans of 28 Weeks Later

8 05 2007

Hi wordpressers,

Can’t wait for the new film 28 WEEKS LATER to come out this week in the UK. (Friday 11th May). The Digital Fusion special effects and design works are meant to be amazing. One really cool thing that’s happened is I’ve sold one of my photos to the movie. A designer, Kathy Heaser, was after an image of the English countryside, and used my Poppyfield Portrait picture.

Here is a link to the official website for 28 Weeks Later:*

* Be warned – violent and disturbing images on the movie website.


If you’re a ’28 Weeks Later’ fan then you’ll be pleased to see the NICE FREE STUFF they are giving away on their website. As well as the trailer and an online 28 Weeks Later game there are scary videoclips to watch there are wallpapers , photos, and animated GIFs to download. Do well on the game and it unlocks a video clip from the film.

Animated images like these:

animated 28 weeks later no12

animated 28 weeks later no11

animated 28 weeks later no13

Wallpapers like these:

* Be warned – violent and disturbing images on the movie website.