14 07 2015

I’ve been away from the blog for some time…

Currently far too busy in my day job. Plus voluntary stuff. This lack of free time isn’t helping me to improve the gallery (which I would like to simplify and freshen up).


Fencing: the 2012 Olympics

19 03 2011

Despite the high achievements of fencers like Kruse and Halsted, and the efforts of the British Fencing National Academy

the BBC reports ‘low expectations’…

Bringing in the kids

Zidane in fencing advert

31 01 2011

snow steel sheep

22 12 2010

Simple Quicktime panoramas

13 12 2010

Canon makes it simple with the stitch special function on their compact cameras – plus their Photostitch software. When you’ve stitched your photos together you ‘save as’ a QT file. THAT’S IT.

When you think about it, actually these interactive 180°or 360° panoramic images are a form of animation.

Here’s a basic panorama I did… (web embedded)

Wet your weasel, sir?

3 12 2010

Sheepdrove gallery

30 11 2010

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